Kayak Miami’s Biscayne Bay & Vizcaya’s Mangroves

Select from a full fleet of stable, sit-on-top kayaks and easily glide through Miami’s tranquil waters in our cove of Biscayne Bay, away from motorized boat traffic.  All ages are welcome and no training is necessary!  Easy to navigate self-guided kayak trips include Vizcaya, a Hidden Mangrove Estuary, Grove Isles, The Sister Islands Sand Bar, celebrity homes, and views of Brickell Avenue, Port of Miami, Miami Beach, Fisher Island and Key Biscayne. Reservations optional. We have a large kayak fleet available.

Single Kayak:
Half-Day (3 Hours)$55.00
10 Hour Club Card *$160.00
Double (two person tandem) Kayak:
Half-Day (3 Hours)$80.00

Kayaking at Vizcaya’s mangrove estuary.











Have a group, party, or team building event? Contact us about group kayak discounts and guided kayak tours of Miami’s Biscayne Bay tailored to your schedule. Learn about Miami’s unique history and hear local gossip! Visit secret spots known only to Miami watersport enthusiasts!


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    • Hi Marilyn! Yes, you can put one adult in the back of the kayak, the ten year old in the front (with a paddle) and the six year old in the center of the kayak, seated between you. We recommend you kayak along the shoreline of Rickenbacker Causeway verses, staying within the swim buoys. Pick a day with calm winds (most mornings and early afternoons during the summer). Call us if you are unsure of the forecast–noting that we are subtropical so every day they predict some rain at some point for a short period of time. Please make sure you study our location prior to driving out. Bring a snack and beverage. Parking is free and we will hold onto car keys. The bathroom has an outdoor shower. Rickenbacker Causeway is ideal for family water sports fun–no previous experience required!

    • Hi Juan, We have ample windsurfing, kayaking, and stand up paddle boards for rent and the weekend forecast looks great for Miami. We do recommend booking beginner windsurfer lessons simple because they are limited to five spots per lesson. As for rentals, we are able to offer the 10:30 time slot without an issue but later in the day we limit or even sometimes close the mid-day rentals and request folks just come on down and rent on a first come, first served basis. It is rare that folks have to wait more than 15 minutes at most for a kayak or stand up paddle board. Windsurfing equipment is more specific to a person’s size and ability combined with the wind conditions so we are able to offer on-site rentals only upon arrival. Feel free to call us at 305 892-8992 if you have any more questions about water sports in Miami!

    • Great question! It shifts by an hour each day. Check out a tide chart for Miami (just do an internet search). Remember there is a slight increase in current one hour prior and one hour after the tide shifts.

    • The paddle to the mangroves and Vizcaya is easy and takes approximately 30 minutes each direction depending upon the breeze that day. During low tide, you can enjoy getting out of the kayak at the Twin Sisters Sandbar, approximately 2/3 of the way there. As well, the shoreline is always accessible for a break. At Vizcaya and the mangroves themselves, we recommend remaining in the kayak.

    • Hello, yes dogs are allowed if well behave, we love our 4 legged friends. Kayaks will make it to Stillsville but unfortunately we cannot let you go that far, it will take pretty much 4-7 hours to get there and back while dealing with boats and currents and wind depending on the day. Most easily accessible areas by us are within 1 or 2 hours so please enjoy and be safe.

  1. We’ll be in Miami on 1/14 can we kyak that afternoon? family of 4 2 adults 2 teens minimal experience. How far is Vizcaya? we thought that might be fun to see from the water? or do you have other suggestions? we porbably have about 2 hours in us. Thanks.

    • Hi Barbara, Happy to have the group of you. Vizcaya takes about 20 minutes to get to, then 25-30 to get back (assuming our normal prevailing wind of SE). You cannot get lost and it is really scenic. The mangroves adjacent to the building are the same as going to the Everglades. During low tide, there is the Twin Sisters Sand Bar to hang out on. You can also circle the island we are on, and get a viewing of the architecture of Brickell Avenue and then, in the distance, Fisher Island, Miami Beach, and Key Biscayne. We are a fabulous location to paddle from–quite scenic, quite safe and you cannot get lost. No need to reserve as we have ample equipment. Just please make sure you familiarize yourself with our exact location prior to driving out as we are slightly hidden from the road http://www.sailboardsmiami.com/location.

  2. Do you have tandem fishing kayak’s, with rod holders etc? If you do we would like to rent one in February for a few days.

    • Certainly you can take a rod and reel but we don’t know where you will have the most luck. You will need to bring an anchor if you want to perhaps go near the sandbar. We ask that you do not tie up anywhere.

  3. Do you all offer kayak lessons? I recently went kayaking for the first time and I think I have fallen in love. I would like to learn the skills essential for taking on Rapids.

    • Yes! A tandem/double kayak holds two paddlers up to a total weight of 475 pounds. You can add a small child (we have life jackets for 30 pounds and above) between you or a dog!

    • A majority of our kayak rental is self-guided as the area is very easy to navigate. We will make recommendations to you based upon the wind direction and strength. My personal favorite destination is Vizcaya and the adjacent mangrove estuary–it is like a trip out to the Everglades without the traffic! Plan on 1.5 hours to really get to explore the area including seeing the architecture along Brickell Avenue. Enjoy!

    • Sorry, we do not carry inflatable kayaks. It does make sense to try different ones to see whether you like them or not before purchasing. From our experience a hard bottom inflatable is the way to go as far as stiffness for tracking performance.

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