We know windsurfing and we know how to teach windsurfing. Recent breakthroughs in teaching tools, windsurfing equipment, and windsurfing instructional methods allow us to make this unprecedented statement:


“We can teach you to windsurf in two hours. Guaranteed!”   


If you can ride a bicycle, you can windsurf. All ages and ability levels welcomed. Beginner lessons taught three times daily.


After learning the basics you can move on to experience the unending thrills of windsurfing. Sailboards Miami can teach you to carve the perfect jibe, waterstart, use a windsurfing harness, beach-start and wave sail. Imagine riding off the wind on a screaming plane, snapping a flawless jibe, or carving the face of a wave!


Intermediate and advanced lessons, and U.S. Sailing Windsurfing Instructor  Certification program available.

English and Spanish windsurfing instruction.

Special rates offered for groups and corporations.


Sailboards Miami Windsurfing Instruction Rates
(Equipment Rental Included)
Two Hour Guaranteed “Learn to Windsurf” Class
Beginner Group Lesson for 2-5 People ages 12 & above
Taught at 11:00, 1:00, & 3:00
Arrive 30 minutes prior.  Give yourself a few days window
for best wind strength and direction.
Private Lessons – 1/2 Hour
(Intermediate & Advanced)
Children & Adults.  English & Spanish
“First Come, First Served Basis”
Private Lessons – 1 Hour
(Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)
Children & Adults.  English & Spanish
“First Come, First Served Basis”


Windsurfing Rental Shop

Enjoy the splendor and tranquility of windsurfing Miami’s beautiful Biscayne Bay. Sail slalom and bump and jump directly from our site on Windsurfer Beach. Wave sailing just down the road at Virginia Key Beach. Sailboards range from 86 liter and up. Sails range up to 8.5. Our windsurfing rental fleet is upgraded continuously. We carry Neil Pryde, JP, Windsurfing Hawaii and Tiga. See you on the water!


Windsurfing Equipment Rental Rates
Standard Windsurfing Gear $30.00/hour
$25.00/additional hour
10 Hour* Windsurfing Club Card $240.00
Performance Windsurfing Gear $40.00/one hour
$75.00/two consecutive hours
$100.00/three consecutive hours
$30.00/additional hour
10 Hour* Windsurfing Club Card -
Performance Gear
*to be used within one year 

Daily and weekly packages available. Group, birthday party and team building event discounts. (Call or [cryptex][/cryptex]). Board storage rental available.

Optional water shoes, windsurfing harness, and wetsuit rental available.


Pro Shop

From sunscreen, lip gloss, cameras, Sailboards Miami t-shirts, to windsurfing harnesses, water sport lycra tops — we have everything you need for a day of fun on Windsurfer Beach. Visit us for Florida souvenirs and gifts, too! Looking to purchase windsurfing gear? Contact us about our latest new and used windsurfing equipment for sale.


  1. So do you have to rent the windsurfing in addition to paying for the lesson?

    • All equipment is included in the lessons!

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  3. Hi
    I was thinking of comming by to do a bit of windsurfing and i am wondering is today is going to be a good day out on the water? I have my own sails but my board is a wave board so i was wondering if you do board rentals?



    • Yes, we do half rigs. Just come on down to the site.

  4. Hello. I’m going to miami on Sunday, I wonder if I need a reservation for to rent a windsurfing equipment. Thanks.

    • Hi Daniel! Reservations not needed so come on down. We do require a credit card for deposit. Parking is free and plentiful and we will happily hold onto your car keys for you. Last rental at 5:00. The forecast looks breezy!

  5. I am 57 and 250#, am I too old and/or too heavy to et started and learn to windsurf?

    Also, I live in Texas where we have several area lakes, would I be able to enjoy windsurfing on those lakes. (Breezes are usually low to moderate.)

    • Hello, age is not a problem unless you are totally out of shape. Since you are a heavy weight a large board will be suitable. Any body of water will work as long as there is a light to medium breeze. Windsurfing is a wonderful sport and very approachable, having the right equipment is a must for learning.

  6. Good day,

    My brother is turning 25 next week and I am thinking about getting him a few lessons (in group) beginner for windsurf..he is working full time in Fort Lauderdale so will have only saturday and sunday free..
    When are your beginner classes and do you have any proposal/quotes for me?
    thank you


    ps: me and my husband may join him for the first lesson as we may interested as well for later

    • Hi Julia. Weekends are great for lessons which are taught at 11:00, 1:00 and 3:00. Kindly plan to arrive 20 minutes prior. Groups are capped at 5 people ages 12 and above. Feel free to call the office 305-892-8992 and we can pencil in a time or just come on down. Cost is $79 each for the beginner, 2 hour lesson. We then recommend rental time at $30/first hour; $25 for consecutive hours or a 10 hour prepaid rental cards are $240. As folks rent, we give pointers and more challenging levels of equipment. The private lessons (30 minutes $35/60 minutes $65) are recommended after 4-6 hours of rental time. As for weather, we check the radar throughout the day for any passing shower activity and are looking for winds 8-15 mph without any north in the direction. We look forward to seeing you on the water!

  7. Hi, French living in France, I am going to plan a windsurfing trip (training) and I am looking for USA or such area like Cabarete, for June 2014
    I have some French agency proposing such training vacations but never in USA
    Thus, it is quiet difficult to have some informations in order to book it myself.
    Could you help and give me some advice?
    First, already average in water start or beach start, I would like to Improve it and learn jibe and other fun board tricks. Is the Florida June wind allows such training session.during one week?
    What kind of program do you propose: lessons only or lessons +free riding?
    In your geographical area is there some hotels and how far is it from international airport?
    Thanks in advance for your help

    • Hello there, we will be glad to help increase your enjoyment of Windsurfing. Summer time is normally 10 mph wind with some storms bringing higher but short gusty conditions. We normally offer you private lessons for jibing and tricks and rental time for practice. We are 15 minutes away from MIA by car and there is a large amount of hotels in that immediate area or pricier ones by Brickell Avenue or Coconut Grove or Key Biscayne.
      See you on the water.

  8. Never windsurfed before, am I too late at 41?

    • 41 is a great age to learn! The beginner boards are stable and the sails are small so the equipment is easy enough to work with. Our instructors concentrate on the basics of sailing and turning (tacking). Start with our two hour group lesson (or, if you are the only students, a private one hour then rental time). After your first time on the water, come back and rent and always ask questions. We will slowly increase your sail size while decreasing your board size. Approximately 4-6 hours later, plan to take a private half hour to hour lesson to work on the next set of skills. Enjoy!

  9. Just wanted to check about lessons for kids. We’ll have two 7 year olds with us, never windsurfers before. Is that too young for a private lesson? If it’s not too young, do you have rates for a private group for two kids?

    • We suggest a minimum weight of 60-70 pounds so the board knows he/she is there! A semi-private lesson is $60/each. The lessons are on a first-come, first served basis so plan on budgeting your time to wait perhaps an hour from your arrival depending upon instructor availability. Look for wind that lacks the word “North” in the direction at around 7-12 mph. As well, consider having the children paddle single kayaks so they become accustomed to being on the water independently and are familiar with the bay. Our emphasis is on positive water experiences–one uncomfortable event can ruin their desire to get back out there. Hence, if we feel the conditions do not warrant teaching, we will ask you to return another day.

  10. I’m planning to stacy at South Beach in April and would like to come windsurfing but will not have a car. Is it possible to reach your place by public transport or taxi?

    • Taxi definitely. Tell the driver Rickenbacker Causeway just before the tall bridge and watch the video at so you can direct the taxi. Then either ask the same driver to return for you at a specific time or give yourself about a 20 minute lead time for when you call for a return pick-up. As for public transport, you can get yourself to Downtown Miami and then either transfer to the “B” bus going to Key Biscayne (there is a bus stop right in front of us–once again, watch the video). Or transfer to the Metro Mover and get off at Vizcaya and then you will have about a 1 mile walk. You can reach Miami Dade Transit at 305 770 3131

  11. Hey ;)
    Im coming to Miami in about two weeks and would like to know about the conditions this time of year , wind and water (waves,flat..) and direction (on/side/off shore)..
    Olso , what gear do you have for rent ? Looking for some good freeride ;),
    Thanks in advanced !

    • Hello, winds range around 15 miles this time of the year, direction is not specific, most winds are accessible from our site with the exception of N or NW winds. We have a variety of JP boards 2014 from 100lts and up and NP rigs from 8.2meters down to 5.0 2014. Whether light winds or strong winds you can get set up and on the water. Hope it helps

  12. hello my name is betsy, i will like to know where can i get a windsurf board and where can i use it?

    • Hi Besty, Come on down Fridays through Tuesdays. We are directly on the beach so sail away! All you need is a credit card deposit. Parking is free. But do check out the driving directions as before you come to avoid paying the toll twice!

  13. Hi,
    Going to be in Miami feb 21-23, wondering if that’s typically a windy time of year? I’m an experienced sailor both here in the sf Bay Area and in the waves. Do you only do on site rentals?

    • Hello, 15-20 mph are the norm during February. Most of our rentals are on site, if you choose to take equipment away a credit card deposit will be required, pick up before noon, and a minimum of 3 hours is expected. Hope it helps

  14. Please could you advise the equipment available to rent and what is a more windy month in Miami
    My local equipment is a Freewave JP 93 with sails from 4,2 to 6,5mts


    • Our windiest months are from January to May, winds ranging 15-25 miles depending mostly on cold fronts. Our boards range from 205lts to 93lts all JP’s and sails from NP 8.0 meters to 4.5.

  15. My lesson was such an awesome experience!! AND your two hour learn to wind surf guarantee still holds true!!! I was able to stand up & sorta make the board go…can’t wait to take another lesson next time I’m in town!!! The teaching & coaching were excellent! Thank you so much!!!

  16. Howdy! Is it too early to call to reserve a spot in the 11am group lesson on Sat, Aug 31st?

    • Never too early. We can hold your spot until 10:30 that day. Either email us at or call the office at 305 892-8992 and let us know how many participants you will have.

      • Cool beans! I just emailed you with my info! I’m old and uncoordinated so I might be a challenge for that 2 hour guarantee!! I’ll at least be fun and entertaining in the process!!! :-)

  17. Just wanted to tell folks what a great job Sailboards Miami did with us today. Nixon had us up and windsurfing in 45 minutes and we’re old (40), with zero experience. We’re going back tomorrow to polish our new skills. It’s always nice to get exactly what you pay for. Great job to Nixon and staff.

    • Thank you for taking the time to share your experience! And, you’re not old!!! Windsurfing is a great sport that can stay with you into retirement. See you on the water soon.

  18. hi i was wondering what boards do you specifically carry and what sails and years to.



    • Hello there, we carry JP boards ranging from 205lts down to 96lts and NP sails from 8.2 meters down to 1.9, all 2013 equipment. See you on the water.

  19. Yes we do sell them, new or used. Best boards for what you are describing will be the JP funsters.

  20. Hi, I will be in South beach from 28 june to 2 july and want to take some windsurfing lessons. I have been surfing a lot in the 90’s but not with the kind of boards available today. Do you have lessons the weekend I will be in South beach and what kind of lesson do think suits me?
    Greetings from Sweden

    • Hello Hakan,
      We’ll be happy to get you out on the water. I am sure you will enjoy how the equipment has improved since the 90s. The boards are very stable. When you say “surfing” I am not sure if you mean windsurfing. If you have windsurfed and can tack, then you can move onto private lessons which begin at $35/half hour. If you have never windsurfed, then plan on the beginner lesson taught at 11:00, 1:00 and 3:00 $79/person for a two hour lesson when we have 2-5 people, otherwise $65/one hour private. We recommend rental time in between lessons in order to practice your skills. Give us a call when you are in town and we can review the forecast. Safe travels.

  21. Hi. Looks like I’ll be down there first week in June 2013 and I had a few questions:
    — what is the wind like that time of year?
    — what are the expected water conditions that time of year? (flat? choppy? variable?)
    — what is the volume on your larger JP Excite Rides?

    At 175 lbs, I’m an intermediate sailor who’s comfortable in the straps , harness, and waterstarts, and I’m and working on jibes. In light winds here in Chicago, I usually go out in a 145l board with an 8.5 sail (14+ mph) or 9.5 sail (12+ mph) to get planing, so wanted to see what you have that might be comparable. Thanks!


    • Hello there, winds average around 10-12 miles during summer, increasing when storms are present. Mostly flat waters with some bump and jump on the outside. We carry the JP Excites from 146lts and down. Also we have the new 2013 JP Explorers in the 165lts (a bit heavier board but really nice cruiser) and down.
      Our largest sails are 8.2 or 7.7’s. Hope it helps and see you on the water.

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