Windsurfing Lessons In Miami (2022)

windsurfing in miami

If you’re interested in taking up windsurfing, then it’s a good idea to learn from an instructor instead of trying to teach yourself. In the Miami area, there are several places where you can take windsurfing lessons that cover the basics of how to windsurf. What’s great about windsurfing lessons is that you can take … Read more

Where To Go Windsurfing In Miami

windsurfing miami

If you find yourself visiting Miami, then you may be looking for a good spot to go windsurfing. Luckily, there are lots of great places for windsurfers in the Miami area. Keep reading for our top picks on where to go windsurfing in the greater Miami area. Crandon Park Crandon Park is one of the … Read more

Best Kayaking In The Keys

kayaking florida keys

South Florida usually refers to the urban three-county area, but the Florida Keys are close to it, and this is easily considered heaven for kayakers. If you’re tired of the same waterways, the Florida Keys is perfect because it’s an archipelago of more than 1,700 islands. There are literally hundreds of places to launch a … Read more