Hurricane Irma Closes Windsurfer Beach

closing of windsurfer beach
I have had the pleasure to be part of the windsurfing world for over 25 years making a dream a reality. Now it seems like it is time to move on and it is a bittersweet moment. Thankful for all the great friendships developed throughout the years and the opportunity to teach a sport I love to so many people from all over the globe. On a personal level, I will be out on the beach anytime it’s windy and looking forward to what the future holds. See you on the water! ~Ovidio

Hurricane Irma

We are happy to report we survived the Hurricane!  Unfortunately the beach itself remains closed while Miami Dade County assesses damage to the beach access road and surrounding area.  Please sign on to our newsletter (and include your birthday for a free rental!) so  we can update you as we hear more about our status.  In the interim, kindly share the love and say a few nice words about us on Google, Facebook, Yelp, or TripAdvisor — we appreciate the feedback!  We hope you and your loved ones are well.