“We can teach you to windsurf in two hours. Guaranteed!”   

If you can ride a bicycle, you can windsurf. All ages and ability levels welcomed. Beginner lessons taught three times daily at 11:00, 1:00 and 3:00.

After learning the basics you can move on to experience the unending thrills of windsurfing. Sailboards Miami can teach you to carve the perfect jibe, waterstart, use a windsurfing harness, beach-start and wave sail. Imagine riding off the wind on a screaming plane, snapping a flawless jibe, or carving the face of a wave!

 Intermediate and advanced lessons, and U.S. Sailing Windsurfing Instructor  Certification program available.

English and Spanish windsurfing instruction.

Special rates offered for groups and corporations.

Sailboards Miami Windsurfing Instruction Rates     (Equipment Rental Included)
Two Hour Guaranteed “Learn to Windsurf” Beginner Lesson  (ages 12 & above)
Taught at 11:00, 1:00, & 3:00
Arrive 30 minutes prior.  Give yourself a few days window for best wind strength and direction.  Call to place a $25 deposit if you wish to hold a specific time.
Private Lessons – 1/2 Hour
(Intermediate & Advanced)
Children & Adults.  English & Spanish
“First Come, First Served Basis.” Based upon availability.
Private Lessons – 1 Hour
(Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)
Children & Adults.  English & Spanish
“First Come, First Served Basis.”  Based upon availability.

Windsurfing Rental Shop

Enjoy the splendor and tranquility of windsurfing Miami’s beautiful Biscayne Bay. Sail slalom and bump and jump directly from our site on Windsurfer Beach. Wave sailing just down the road at Virginia Key Beach. Sailboards range from 86 liter and up. Sails range up to 8.5. Our windsurfing rental fleet is upgraded continuously. We carry Neil Pryde, JP, Windsurfing Hawaii and Tiga. See you on the water!

Windsurfing Equipment Rental Rates
Standard Windsurfing Gear$30.00/hour
$25.00/additional hour
10 Hour* Windsurfing Club Card$240.00
Performance Windsurfing Gear$40.00/one hour
$75.00/two consecutive hours
$100.00/three consecutive hours
$30.00/additional hour
10 Hour* Windsurfing Club Card –
Performance Gear
*to be used within one year

Daily and weekly packages available. Group, birthday party and team building event discounts. (Call or [cryptex][/cryptex]). Board storage rental available.

Optional water shoes, windsurfing harness, and wetsuit rental available.

Pro Shop

From sunscreen, lip gloss, cameras, Sailboards Miami t-shirts, to windsurfing harnesses, water sport lycra tops — we have everything you need for a day of fun on Windsurfer Beach. Visit us for Florida souvenirs and gifts, too! Looking to purchase windsurfing gear? Contact us about our latest new and used windsurfing equipment for sale.


    • Los vientos son basados en frentes frios, normalmente 12-18 millas 2 o 3 dias a la semana. Esta epoca del año si sopla ven a hacer windsurf porque no dura mucho, no hay horario. Chequea el forecast un par de días antes.

  1. Hi
    I’ll be in Miami On 15th Oct. Do you have gear for advanced windsurf? Do you think at this tá me it will be windy!? Thanks, Alexandre

    • October can be finicky. We can have good windsurfing or just “okay.” If the winds is low, consider taking a kayak to Vizcaya and the mangrove estuary or touring the bay on a stand up paddle board. Check in when you are in town! Safe travels.

    • Ahora es el tiempo perfecto para aprender windsurf. Viento entre 8 – 15 milas con buen direcion. Llama a la oficina.

  2. I was thinking about signing my 12yo and 9yo this summer. They haven’t experience with surfing, but a little with sailing. What do you suggest?

    • Great. Love to have them. We might need to teach them separately; it depends upon the strength and resilience of the 9 year old. The 12 year old can definitely join our 2 hour lesson, taught at 11:00, 1:00, and 3:00. The 9 year old might be able to join for another $10 fee which covers the instructor spending a little extra time. Or we can teach a private lesson for the 9 year old. Call the office and we will look at the forecast to see what time of day looks best.

  3. Hi! We will be there for a week during Christmas break , with our equipment. Can we lauch at your spot? Is there a campground or VR park nearby?
    Thanks, Erick

    • You can definitely launch your own equipment–and, assuming you are more advanced, consider Virginia Key for excellent wave sailing (just 5 minutes down the road from us, and easy to deal with the shore break because it is at a distance). I cannot speak of where the closest campground is; you will need to do some research. Feel free to contact us if you find a location for camping and are not sure of the distance, etc.

  4. Hey, I am heading down this week and want to learn how to windsurf. I am a surfer, so the balance and knowing the ocean is already there. Do you think I will need a 2 hour lesson?

    • Good morning to you. Having good balance is good but an understanding of wind and how to use it is more important, as such I will advise you to take the 2 hour group lesson.

  5. Hola y gracias por comunicarte con nosotros. Tenemos todo los equipos necesarios para tu poder navegar, no es especificamente slalom pero si freeride. La renta por hora es $44 o dos horas son $75 mas impuestos. Tarjeta de credito requerido para rentar. Espero que ayude.

  6. Hello Jon, windsurfing rigs are meant to be used by many different body types but at your height the boom might be slightly lower than optimum. That said, you can definitely learn how to windsurf. Boom cutouts are there to allow lower or higher settings as to keep it at shoulder level, in your case it will be lower but it should work. Give it a try.

    • Our windy season goes from November until end of April or May depending on cold fronts and the like. This season has been windier than normal giving us 2-3 days almost weekly of 15-20 miles and higher. When in Miami if it is windy, do not wait for later or the next day, just get to the water while it last.

  7. Hi Kerry! You are perfect to return to windsurfing. Start with the 2 hour beginner class to refresh your memory (offered Friday thru Tuesday at 11:00, 1:00 and 3:00). From there, if the forecast looks inviting, consider the 10 hour rental card at $240. As you spend time on the water, we will increase your sail size, decrease your board size, and be available for questions. A few hours in, consider a 30 – 60 minute private lesson to work on specific skills ($35-$65, equipment included). The trick is the wind strength and direction. We are looking for 8-15 mph with as little “North” in the direction as possible (offshore). We post the weather forecast on Twitter, our site, and Facebook at 10:00 and email folks on our newsletter on weekends. We look forward to seeing you back on the water!

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