Where To Go Windsurfing In Miami

If you find yourself visiting Miami, then you may be looking for a good spot to go windsurfing.

Luckily, there are lots of great places for windsurfers in the Miami area.

Keep reading for our top picks on where to go windsurfing in the greater Miami area.

Crandon Park

Crandon Park is one of the main windsurfing locations in Miami.

This water sports park is managed strictly and you will have to follow all the set rules if you want to windsurf here.

Operators at the park will lay out the rules before you get to the beach and one thing they insist on is surfing only in the designated areas.

If you can adhere to this restriction, then you can enjoy the waters at the beach as you surf to the easterly and southern winds.

Matheson Hammock Park

The Matheson Hammock Park is another great location in South Beach Miami for windsurfing.

It is quite similar to Crandon Park only that the rules are tighter and the entry requirement stringent.

Surfers have to prove that they proficient sportsmen for them to get access to the beach.

Surfers also have to stay within designated surfing buoys and should you adhere to this, you will have an amazing beach line to soak up.

The waters are calmer and this makes it a great spot for freestyle training.

Key Biscayne

Key Biscayne is a short distance from Matheson Hammock Park.

It is less known than Matheson Hammock Park and Crandon Park but it is still a great spot for windsurfing if you prefer calmer waters and absorbing coastlines.

The beach-front features lovely palm trees that give the beach a great look.

It is less busy than the windsurfing parks mentioned above and this makes it a great spot for armature and practicing surfers.

87 Street Beach

The beach on 87 Street has deep and choppy waters that are great for windsurfing.

The winds blow gently on this beach and this allows you to surf as you take in the amazing view of the waters and the coastline.

There are usually a lot of swimmers on the beach over the weekend and this could limit your surfing area.

Virginia Key North Point Park

Virginia Key is one of the oldest oceans in Miami and America at large.

The beach is open daily and its calm waters make it a great venue for your windsurf activities.

Several shops that offer windsurf training and facilities are found at the beach and this will come in handy if you need special training or better windsurfing equipment.

Hobie Beach (Windsurfer Beach)

Just off of the Rickenbacker Causeway, en route to the serene natural paradise of Key Biscayne, is the preeminent place for windsurfing in Miami.

Hobie Beach (also called Windsurfer Beach) has earned its nickname by playing host to a locally run windsurfing rental concession for more than twenty years.

Experienced vets and adventurous vacationers alike can spend the day experiencing this exhilarating activity.

Sign up for a two-hour lesson, or an all-day group lesson and become a pro in no time.

Hobie Beach is also notable for being Miami’s favorite dog friendly beach.

Bring your doggie pal here for a nice romp on the sand.

The water is shallow, so dogs can play in the surf a bit without any worries about strong currents.

Southbound winds cut through the beach to propel you as you surf on the waters.

It is one of the popular outdoor destinations in South Beach Miami and you will come across people swimming, boating, sunbathing, and picnicking.

Hobie Beach/Windsurfer Beach is located right in between Brickell, Downtown Miami and Key Biscayne, so beach goers will enjoy amazing skyline views from this calm off-road beach with concession stands and free parking.

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